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Sales Sales Talent Acquistion and Retention

Confidently hire salespeople that can close and managers that can manage!

Sales Talent Acquisition And Retention

Most sales leaders and managers are using the wrong Sales Recruitment Process and Hiring Metrics.

Recruit Top Performers! Minimize Hiring Bias & Maximize Sales Impact!

Use our our Data-Driven Talent Acquisition system to ensure that you build the best team from the available talent.

Our scientific approach eliminates the risks of unconscious bias like the Dunning-Kruger effect and Affinity bias. We’ll consult widely across your sales environment to understand and define essential sales competencies and role objectives and then translate them into a targeted competency profile. This ensures predictive hiring that attracts the right-fit talent to drive measurable sales success.

our Sales Gap Analysis

Target Top Talent using our Sales Gap Analysis

Identify Sales Stars: Our Sales Gap Analysis leverages Competency Match technology to pinpoint ideal sales competencies for diverse sales roles like Hunters, Farmers, Key Account Managers, Channel and Business Development Managers and Service and Sales Support, Telesales and Sales Administration.

Right Person, Right Role: This data-driven approach ensures you place top performers in the roles where they can maximize their impact and achieve sales goals faster than before.

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Research show that many businesses still rely on lagging indicators, which offer a rear-view mirror view of performance.  Leading indicators, on the other hand, provide forward-looking insights crucial for strategic financial, sales, and business decisions. At Gap Analysis, we empower you to leverage leading indicators and gain the competitive edge to consistently outperform the competition.

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