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Overcoming The 6 Biggest Impediments to Business Success

Challenges are situational, and priorities differ between organisations, so it is important to keep an eye on the core drivers of business success.

Here is a checklist that will help to you focus on YOUR KEY PRIORITIES.

1. On-Purpose Plan.

Strategies are Big Picture but light on Detail. They are also quite abstract unless there is a willingness and commitment to execute. Distill your 2- or 3-year strategy into an INTENTIONAL action plan that details the daily milestones, steps, and stages your business needs to achieve that strategic target.

2. Business Objectives or Personal Goals.

Personal goals differ from business objectives. Your goals include personal development plans, hobbies, family time and leisure pursuits and help drive motivation. However, carefully aligning personal goals with business objectives ensures that you remain motivated and focused.

3. Work / Life Integration

Get the Balance Right! Setting clear goals, defining non-negotiable boundaries between work and

personal life, and developing good time-management skills will support a better work / life balance.

4. The Present.

Life is full of distractions, and “urgent but not important” interruptions and staying focussed is easier said than done. Learn to be present and ‘in the moment’ and find yourself finishing those unexciting but necessary tasks.

5. Asking For HELP.

Do you feel you must have all the answers, or do you believe that strong leaders do not need help? These and other non-supportive beliefs can slow your decision-making or result in no decision at all. Gap Analysis Business Coaching is like having extensive multi-sector business experience and support on=call 24/7

6. Where To From Here?

You have achieved all the goals and objectives you set, and you are looking for a new challenge. Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

Stephen Covey said, “Start With The End In Mind” He meant be clear about your direction and destination. There are many possible, exciting new journeys in life and in business if you are willing to stretch. We will help you set new goals that will take you out of your comfort zone and keep you on your personal and business growth path.

Bruce Franklin is a Business Coach, Facilitator, and Catalyst for Positive Change.



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