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Sales Lessons from BREXIT

BREXIT refers to the majority vote by UK citizens to exit the European Union.

Whether or not it’s a good outcome for the UK or anyone else is not for this blogpost, but we can identify some tangible sales lessons from amongst the plethora of opinion, views and beliefs that abounded before, during and after the results were made known

Decision making – driven by emotions from two sides…

  1.  The diverse political opinions were undoubtedly driven by emotion. That’s how politicians sell, right? So how about the population at large?
  2. Well, unless they had a crystal ball, the decisions by the vast majority of UK citizens had to have been on gut-feel. And proved to be so when soon after the results were finalised there was a call for a second referendum. This became known as “Bregret” the regret or remorse felt after the Brexit result was known – much like buyers remorse.

Failure to identify icebergs?

  1. Few people if any forecast the currency crash, stock market decline, property market impact and the effect on cultures in-country and across borders.

Undefined road-map into the future, prior to Brexit

  1. Seemingly, little thought was given to process, strategic direction, how to manage the exit and who would do what, when and how to ensure a seamless withdrawal.

Does this sound somewhat similar to the way many sales organisations might approach sales development, recruitment, scalability, resource deployment, restructuring, career pathing, go-to-market strategies, and pipeline and process management…?

There is a way to avoid the costly and painful sales lessons from Brexit, and its known as the Sales Gap Analysis

The Sales Gap Analysis is the leading sales environmental evaluation or gap analysis methodology, underpinned by the science developed by Objective Management Group, and refined in over 44 countries across 60+ industry verticals and over a million sales people. It enables sales leaders to ..

  • Make decisions based on facts, backed by science. Evaluate your Systems, Processes, Strategies and People capability and benchmark your performance in the 4 core areas of sales performance to provide leading (as opposed to lagging) indications of what need to change and how. See here.
  • Take the guesswork out of sales decisions, bypass the symptoms which usually inform current sales decision-making and uncover the actual, underlying – often hidden– causes of non-performance.
  • Discover the actual alignment of the team to sales based on their will to sell, lead and succeed, as well the critical DNA factors identified and trademarked by Objective Management Group in Boston, Ma. Optimal sales DNA accelerates learning and execution by almost 68%. See here.
  • Get solid, consistent results and measurable progress using our Consultative Engagement methodology to move through a formalised, milestone-centric sales process and close earlier and easier by ensuring that the requirements of each stage in the cycle have been addressed. Leave nothing to chance and ensure an 18% improvement within 90 days.

And, avoid the buyer’s remorse associated with quick fixes that aren’t backed by science, don’t target individual needs, isn’t measured before, during and after the fact – at the actual skill level – and doesn’t drive real behaviour change, skill development and execution.

For a free consultation on the Science of Sales Performance Optimisation mail me on

Great selling, Bruce



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